For the curious, the lovers and friends that sit under our bi umbrella
Guardians of NB, trans, the guys and the bellas.
A reflection of our culture. This one’s for you.
For all our fellow unicorns, yes the entire crew.
From bi, pan, NB and trans, everyone is included.
No unicorn is to be left behind, or excluded.  
No more hiding or questioning, we’re about creating some noise.
We’re doing it with sass, confidence, attitude and poise.
For those who love freely and whoever they choose.
To showcase creative talent, our community and even reviews.
It’s time for us to stand, share and amplify our community,
Because we’re stronger together when we’re all in unity.
So let’s share the stories and talent of those we admire
That make up our unicorn crew, that could help inspire.
Because together we make the bi community magic,
So to hide away talent like ours would be rather tragic.
So no matter who you are.
And no matter how far.
Together we’re all unicorns united at one.
So won’t you join us on this epic journey? Who knows it might just be fun

Executive Editor of UNICORN



Creative Director | He / Him

Lev Alexander is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of UNICORN.

As well as being a badass marketing boss in his day job, he dedicates his spare time into Bi Pride UK as the Head of Media and Communications, alongside being the Creative Director of UNICORN.

Thanks to him, this wonderful magazine has come to life. He’s an all round comms, marketing and volunteer baller.


Executive Editor | She / Her

Lucy Everett is the Executive Editor of UNICORN.

Alongside juggling her freelance career as an advertising creative / copywriter and working on UNICORN, she’s an avid photographer and a big fan of the colour pink.


Design | He / Him

Harry Thory is a graphic designer, moving image maker, and general legend (thanks mum).

He has three rules in life: put your pants on before your trousers, point out every dog you see, and do the goodest work for the goodest people. By following these rules, he has built a diverse portfolio that includes print design, illustration, film production, and online content generation.

Harry lives in South London with all the other people that live there.


Social | She / Her

Emily Eaton is a student, writer, journalist and LGBTQ+ activist.


Staff Writer | She / Her

Emily is a UNICORN staff writer, eco fashion enthusiast and borderline bibliophile.

Her hobbies include sifting through second-hand stores, binging lifestyle podcasts, and trying to keep her succulents alive (we know – it shouldn’t be *that* hard). She will never say no to a Bakewell tart.


Staff Writer | She / Her

XP: 28
Class: Musician/writer/poet
Daytime Location: Events agency

1 x rainbow scarf knitted by Mum
1 x jar of Marmite and a shiny spoon
3 x blue slushies

Once ate a five pound note live on stage. Obsessed with cows. Approach with caution if hungry, sleepy, or caffeinated (will act like a human bouncy ball).

Priti Lalwani

Media Coordinator | She / Her

Priti is a junior graphic designer at media zoo with an interest in graphic, mobile and 3d design.

She invests most of her free time taking part on the production and post-production of short films, exploring new exhibitions or mostly watching rupaul’s drag race all day long.

Joe von Malachowski

Staff Writer | He / Him

Joe is a staff writer for UNICORN, a reader for the Hampstead Theatre, and a playwright. He works at various cultural institutions to pay the bills, notably the Almeida Theatre and the National Portrait Gallery.

He was educated at the University of Manchester and Central School of Speech and Drama.

Genevieve Collister Brown

Staff Writer | they/them>she

In between hunting for the perfect fat femme jumpsuit, Genevieve studies sex and relationship therapy and tries to dispel myths about sexuality and gender one insta post at a time.

They also make a mean veggie lasagna.