Likes + Comments = Life – Broadway’s Algorithms Back in the summer we interviewed talent from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Algorithms was one of the many shows which we managed to catch and have a chat with the talent, Sadie Clark.  With word on the bi grapevine that Sadie would be back to perform her one woman show in London, we had […]

Big Dreams, Little Dreams, And First Times With Musician Am.I

Am.i is an alt-pop solo artist originally from Italy but now graces the music scene of London with her messy silky beats and poetic vocals. We chatted to her about writing, her first track, and ticking off her goal of a 1st interview with a magazine. Q – Can you tell us a bit about […]

Dreamy VR experiences with Elīna Virdziniece

We caught up with visual artist and filter queen Elīna Virdziniece.  From rhinoplasty filters to guided meditation experiences, Elīna creates dynamic visual experiences through digital mediums, exploring screens and space.  We chatted to her about her project FLOW, all things VR and escaping the everyday through immersive visual experiences. Q – Can you tell […]

4 Things Bi Polyam Folx Want You To Know

Bella Thorne is doing it. Rupaul is doing it. Apparently, 1 in 5 of us have done it too. While it’s a complete myth that all bi people are non-monogamous, recent surveys suggesting a fifth of people have tried being in an open relationship at some point in their life means that, odds are, somebody […]

what you sit on – by Maddie Jones

what you sit ondoes not exist herebehind my eyelidsyou are who     not     whatno colour codeno categoryout of the boxnebulous   bodies are just vehiclesyou smile through yourselfas you pull me closerand fold into meno blocks or curvesyou are just a scarf of kissesa warm swathe behind mewrapped around my napetrailing my collarbone Feature image by […]

Here I Am Found – Written by Lois Zoppi

I grew up and came of age in a place where anything went and anything came, questions weren’t asked, and parents weren’t blamed. A salty sea spray bubble keeping the strangers safe, with open arms to progress for which others must wait.  This city’s history has followed me further than I thought, a silent safe harbour in which wandering fish are caught.  On simply hearing where I climbed my childhood trees, a girl scared of […]

Dream like states, naked mountain top adventures and celebrating queerness – with artist Megan van de

Q – Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work? Hi! Thank you for having me. Hmm, I would describe myself as a tough and tender queer, Jack-of-all-trades, with overarching interests in humans and creativity. These big loves spill out in many directions! I do a lot of work with the wonderful […]

The light all around us is red – Poetry By Olivia Zayas Ryan

and it falls like a shield as we talk about where the moon was the day we were born and the city we live in and she tells me things about herself i will not remember, all i remember is i’m smiling because i am finally close enough to touch her. my eyelids and lips […]

Doodling, Daydreaming, and Making Out to Mixtapes – with illustrator Sarah Haskins

Q – Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work? Sure! After a 6 year stint working in theatre I’m trying to do more of what I love, which is illustration! I’m at my happiest when drawing and tend to use a lot of ink and bright colour palettes in my art […]

Alternative rock, musical metaphors and partying with unicorns – we met with lead singer and guitarist of VATTICA Alex Millar

We caught up with Alex Millar, the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of the alt rock LA band VATTICA to chat about starting out, getting signed, collaborative writing and the importance of not only finding yourself, but finding your framily* too.

*framily = your friends, fellow bi community that make you feel like family