We will continuously create a safe space for bi people in the UK.

We will celebrate the vibrant and inspiring people we look up to Educate, inform, and make lasting change.

Between ‘gay’ and ‘straight’, there are so many shades of attraction beyond gender. We seek to create spaces for anyone who falls into that spectrum or thinks that they might.

Our community is vibrant and vivid, and people adopt many different labels to identify themselves, or even choose not to use labels at all. Whether you use bi, bisexual, biromantic, pan, pansexual, panromantic, poly, polysexual, polyromantic, queer, fluid, heteroflexible, homoflexible, something totally different, a combination of these, or even no label at all, we’re here for you.

Bi Pride UK’s mission is to create spaces where people who experience attraction beyond gender can be freely visible and celebrate themselves and their identities. It’s not enough to be ‘welcome’ at a Pride. We make up a very large proportion of the GRSD (Gender, Romantic and Sexual Diversity) community – many stats actually say we’re over half the community – and we deserve to be visible and celebrated in our own right.

Images feature attendees at Bi Pride 2019, Photos from Ana Pinto

There are many ways to make this happen, and we work in many ways to bring this change

Outreach work with
other Prides

our consultation work with local Prides and the UK Pride Organisers Network works in a tailored way to make sure that bi-inclusion is a top priority and is being done well

Organising a high-profile annual Bi Pride event

from September 2019, the UK will have the Pride event it deserves for people attracted beyond gender, bringing together people from across the country to celebrate everything that makes our community amazing

Building a strong online and virtual community

just as important as the rest of our work is making sure that people hear about it! People need to know what resources and spaces exist for them, and how they can connect with other people like them