UNICORN LIST a List of all the past and present UNICORN contributors   a List of all the past and present UNICORN contributors  

1990s Chris

UNICORN LIST 1900’s Chris He / Him | Hereford/Bristol | Retail Shop Manager and Writer/Performer short description here (ideally needed for all past and future contributors) FEATURED IN “Being queer doesn’t make you any less of a man, let go of that.” 1990s Chris, UNICORN Issue 2

COVER – Weird Dreams And Psychic Hangovers With Transaction Star Jordan Gray

COVER STORY Weird Dreams and Psychic Hangovers with Transaction Star Jordan Gray U – Can you start with telling us a bit about yourself and what you do? JORDAN GRAY – My name is Jordan Redford Gossamer Gray. I’ve got a 2nd weird middle name because there’s no process in the UK to change just […]

Issue 2 – Letter from the Founder & Editor

Well we’ve been busy. It’s with great pleasure we introduce our second issue of UNICORN, and what a dreamy one it is. Do you get it? Because the theme is ‘Dreams’. As our saying goes – dip your toe, or take a dive. The second issue of UNICORN is full of poetry, photography, articles, funny […]

Introducing Pillow Talk: Love, Sex, Relationships & Everything In-Between!

Hey! I’m Genevieve, a sex educator and budding sex therapist and I joined the team at UNICORN to bring you the new regular sex and relationship advice column – Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk is the sex and relationship advice you’ve always wanted. A place to ask questions free from fear and guilt. A space for […]

Fish, chips, and daydreaming about coworkers – with poet 1990’s Chris

Dolphin’s Peeler by 1990s Chris   He lowers the basket into the frier,The golden liquid hisses,Drowns out the football on the radio,Small spots of oil splash his skin,His arms flinching,Face not changing. I have been watching him,For what I think is an insignificant amount of time,Until he asks me the significance. ‘Do you want a […]


COVER Weird Dreams And Psychic Hangovers With Transaction Star Jordan Gray ISSUE 2 – DREAMS ISSUE 1 – MYTH UNICORN ISSUE 3 Coming Soon

A dream of breaking away from binary names by Emily Eaton

Do you ever think about how gendered our language is? We can’t seem to get away from it. “Brother from another mother”, did you say? “Sister from another mister”? Why are people drawn to name descriptors that are so boring, so overdone, and that are so exclusive to particular genders? I mean, “sib from another […]

A Love Letter – by Sharan Dhaliwal

“This is the most lesbian thing you’ve ever done, you’re a U-Haul gay now” I met someone. Well, I haven’t met them yet, I’m meeting them in a week. By the time you read this, I’ll be loved up with her, re-enacting our daydreams, doing to each other everything we discussed in detail. Living across […]

Swansea Welcomes Bi Pride Local / Bifest Wales 10 Year Anniversary Partnership

We are excited to announce that we’ll be showering Swansea with a wave of pink, purple, blue and yellow on Saturday the 16th of May, as we team up with Bi Cymru, to launch our Bi Pride Local event, and the 10th year anniversary of BiFest Wales. We’re calling all bis and allies to come down and support this grassroots pride event.