Corporate Partnerships Manager

Ideal time commitment: approx. 5-10 hours per month; flexible

Responsible to: the Head of Fundraising

Bi Pride UK’s mission is to create spaces where people who experience attraction beyond gender can be freely visible and celebrate themselves and their identities. It’s not enough to be ‘welcome’ at a Pride. We make up a very large proportion of the GRSD (Gender, Romantic and Sexual Diversity) community – many stats actually say we’re over half the community – and we deserve to be visible and celebrated in our own right.

There are many ways to make this happen, and we work in many ways to bring this change about:

  • Outreach work with other Prides, LGBT organisations and bi organisations – our consultation work with local Prides, the UK Pride Organisers Network and local and national LGBT organisations works in a tailored way to make sure that bi-inclusion is a top priority and is being done well
  • Organising a high-profile annual Bi Pride event – from September 2019, Bi Pride UK made history with the largest ever gathering of bi people recorded. A performance stage, a panel stage, stall village, street food, and over 1,300 attendees. After going virtual with the BiFi Festival for 2020 due to Covid-19 and running a virtual Pride event in 2021,  we are looking forward to being back in person in 2022
  • Building a strong online and virtual community – just as important as the rest of our work is making sure that people hear about it! People need to know what resources and spaces exist for them, and how they can connect with other people like them

The role:

Bi Pride UK is a growing charity with ambitious plans for developing our work, and we have found corporate income to be a valuable income stream in our early years, with sponsorship of our flagship Bi Pride event providing a valuable offering for businesses. We hope to be able to build on this as we continue to grow, and the Corporate Partnerships Manager will be a vital role in this.

While our flagship event is an obvious area for interest in corporate sponsorship, we also hope to explore other areas of our work on which businesses might partner with us, such as our online magazine Unicorn, and our ambitions to explore areas of research and impact measurement on issues important to bi communities and activists. Therefore, this volunteer will work with other volunteers responsible for delivery of different elements of our fulfilment of our sponsorship offering, especially the Events team and the Training Fulfilment Manager, but will work with teams across the charity to identify new areas for potential corporate relationships, taking these ideas to existing leads and new prospective partners.

The main responsibilities will include:

  • Working with the Chair and members of the Fundraising team to cultivate new potential corporate relationships;
  • Working with the Inclusion and Access team to carry out detailed due diligence research into any potential new corporate partnerships;
  • Working with the Head of Fundraising and the Income Generation Trustee to bring each new or prospective corporate partner to discussion at Board level;
  • Keeping up-to-date records of the status of Bi Pride UK’s different corporate relationships, including taking each partner through a formal contracting process;;
  • Coordinating with the three delivery teams (Comms, Events, and Education and Outreach) to ensure that all elements of corporate partners’ benefits are met;
  • Coordinating with the Media team to ensure that marketing requirements are met;
  • Working with all Bi Pride UK volunteers to identify new ways that corporate partners could support the charity’s work.

Our team volunteers remotely from anywhere in the UK, with some travel required occasionally (primarily for our flagship Pride event in London in September). Each team has its own monthly evening team meeting, via conference call; the day varies depending on the team and can be arranged for the most convenient timing for the team’s members. All reasonable expenses incurred are reimbursed, including travel, lunch at away days and other all day events, and some childcare costs if required.

Volunteer specification:

  • Interest and passion for tackling discrimination against and improving the visibility of people in the UK who experience attraction to more than one gender;
  • An understanding of the needs of bi people and communities in the UK;
  • Commitment to the aims and objectives of Bi Pride UK;
  • A creative problem solver, always seeking solutions;
  • Ability to self-motivate when working remotely;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Experience working in a targets-driven income generation context (either corporate or non-profit);
  • Experience of working with national and multinational businesses, civil society departments and other corporate entities;
  • Confident communicator, including public speaking and networking with corporate audiences; 
  • Able to communicate confidently, coherently and sensitively on complex issues of identity, power dynamics and privilege.


To apply, please email a CV and cover letter to chair@biprideuk.org

The position is open to anyone over the age of 18. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially minority groups such as applicants of colour, trans and non-binary applicants and disabled applicants. Bi Pride UK is aware of the barriers that can be faced in gaining traditional work experience, particularly for BAME, disabled and trans people. We will give weight to this and encourage people when applying to consider caring responsibilities, including parenthood, volunteering, and other non-paid experiences and responsibilities when making their application.