Do you have a passion for LGBTQ+ inclusion? Do you believe that everyone in the LGBTQ+ spectrum should be recognised and celebrated for their individuality? Do you want to make a real difference to the bi community in the UK? 

Bi Pride UK is a registered national charity whose mission is to create spaces where people who experience attraction beyond gender can be freely visible and celebrate themselves and their identities. 

It’s not enough to be ‘welcome’ at a Pride. We make up a very large proportion of the GRSD (Gender, Romantic and Sexual Diversity) community – many stats actually say we’re over half the community – and we deserve to be visible and celebrated in our own right.

Role Outline

We are looking for a temporary, part-time contractor with project management experience to work on our 2021 virtual Pride event as Virtual Event Project Manager. This is a paid appointment, and we currently anticipate that the contract will last for eight weeks, although this may be varied depending on start date and other factors. The role will be carried out remotely.

The Virtual Event Project Manager will:

Person specification:

The Virtual Event Project Manager will need to declare any current conflicts of interest.

Time commitment: It is expected that during an 8 week period an average of 7.5 hours a week will be needed to fulfil the above tasks. However, this may be more or less week to week, depending on workload and other factors. The contractor will be responsible for organising their own working hours, save that they will need to be available at certain times which will be notified to them in advance.

Responsible to: Interim Events Trustee

Payment range: £150-200 per day

The position is open to anyone over the age of 18. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially minority groups such as applicants of colour, trans and non-binary applicants and disabled applicants.

Bi Pride UK is aware of the barriers that can be faced in gaining traditional work experience, particularly for BAME, disabled and trans people. We will give weight to this and encourage people when applying to consider caring responsibilities, including parenthood, volunteering, and other non-paid experiences and responsibilities when making their application.

To apply please send a proposal or CV and covering letter to Desired start date is 1st August.