Swansea Welcomes Bi Pride Local / Bifest Wales 10 Year Anniversary Partnership

This event has been postponed.

For more information on this decision, please see our thread on twitter.


A recent study showed that Wales is home to the largest number of bisexuals of the UK, with 8% stating they were attracted to more than one gender. Despite their large bi community, research by Stonewall shows that 3% of bisexual men in Wales had attempted to take their own life, and 34% of bisexual and lesbian women in Wales have experienced domestic abuse.

It’s for reasons like this that we decided, for our first ever Bi Pride Local event, to give Wales that bi boost of positivity, and celebration, that it deserves, and help it on its way to be the thriving bi capital of the UK!

We are excited to announce that we’ll be showering Swansea with a wave of pink, purple, blue and yellow on Saturday the 16th of May, as we team up with Bi Cymru, to launch our Bi Pride Local event, and the 10th year anniversary of BiFest Wales. We’re calling all bis and allies to come down and support this grassroots pride event.

Here at Bi Pride HQ, we’re promising to make this year even bigger and even better, than we did last year. The event will be held for all individuals who fall under the bi umbrella; bisexuals, biromantics, pansexuals, panromantics, polysexuals, polyromantics, homoflexibles, heteroflexibles and anyone else who experiences attraction beyond gender. With the planning of our first (of two this year) Bi Pride events underway, we are set to exceed all expectations this Springtime… watch this space.

With a day AND night event – expect panels, talks, workshops, alternative live music from bands and DJs… need I go on? We’ll also be providing a fully licensed bar to raise spirits, but will also be fully stocked with soft drinks. 

Our Bi Pride events aim to celebrate bi visibility, as we believe all individuals who experience attraction beyond gender deserve to celebrate their identities proudly and unashamedly, free from ridicule. Join us on our quest to challenge biphobia and put an end to bi erasure once and for all!

The event is completely free. Obviously, we would really love to see all your beautiful, joyful, smiling bi faces at our event, however we understand Swansea is not an accessible place for some of you situated in different areas around the UK. But, never fear, you can still help towards the cause and get involved in the action! In order to keep our local Bi Pride event completely free and fabulous, please donate to our Crowdfunder page to give Wales the bi celebration it deserves. Without stealing a certain leading retailer’s tagline – ‘every little does help’!

At Bi Pride HQ, we’re famous for smashing world records – we organised the biggest bi gathering in history last year and launched the very first bi arts and culture magazine UNICORN at the beginning of 2020. Come and join us at the YMCA in Swansea on Saturday the 16th of May, to make even more history and celebrate everything bi, with a massive Bi Pride Local and BiFest Wales collaboration.