Trustee with experience in income generation

Ideal time commitment: approximately 10-15 hours per month; flexible
Responsible to:
the Chair

Bi Pride UK is a newly registered charity which aims to create public, high-profile spaces for the celebration of the bi community and anyone who experiences attraction beyond gender, addressing an existing lack of bi-specific celebration at many Prides across the country.

Bi Pride UK’s Trustees form the Board (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and further Trustees without formal mandate). We are seeking a Trustee to join our Board, working with the wider committee to create more visibility and awareness of people who experience attraction beyond gender across the UK through national engagement with local prides and delivering an annual Pride event for the community.

All Trustees hold legal responsibility for the effective governance of Bi Pride UK as a registered charity; this includes sound financial management of the charity’s assets and the careful determination of actions and activities in accordance with Bi Pride UK’s charitable objectives. Trustees meet at least monthly and hold the strategic direction of the charity. Trustees without formal mandate will support other Board members and Bi Pride UK volunteers in their duties, as well as other responsibilities delegated in the due course of the charity’s operation.

We are seeking to appoint Trustees with specific experience to augment the current skills and expertise on the Board. This Trustee will have extensive experience of income generation, whether from a charitable or a corporate background. They will be working closely with the Treasurer and the fundraising team to develop and implement an ambitious fundraising strategy for the charity.

Trustees volunteer remotely, with some travel required. Our committee meetings take place via conference call on the third Monday evening of every month. All reasonable expenses incurred are reimbursed.

Main tasks:

  • Participation in and engagement with the Board, particularly around the topic of income generation;
  • Representing Bi Pride UK through networking opportunities with key external stakeholders;
  • Supporting other Bi Pride UK Trustees and volunteers, including taking on specific portfolios of work;
  • Working with the Treasurer and fundraising team to develop a fundraising strategy;
  • Working with the fundraising team to build sponsorship partnerships with external stakeholders and parties;
  • Working with the fundraising team and the wider committee to explore new avenues for income generation.

Volunteer specification:

  • Interest and passion for tackling discrimination against and improving the visibility of people in the UK who experience attraction to more than one gender;
  • An understanding of the needs of people and communities in the UK who experience attraction to more than one gender;
  • Commitment to the aims and objectives of Bi Pride UK;
  • Strong time management, organisational and administrative skills;
  • Some understanding of governance and charity management topics;
  • Experience of working with a variety of clients and/or stakeholders to generate income;
  • Some understanding of charity finances and financial management;
  • Experience of developing organisation-wide strategic thinking and planning;
  • Ability to self-motivate when working remotely;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

All Trustees must declare any current conflicts of interest.

To apply, please email a CV and cover letter to head.volmgmt@biprideuk.org


The positions are open to anyone over the age of 18. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially minority groups such as applicants of colour, trans and non-binary applicants and disabled applicants. Bi Pride UK is aware of the barriers that can be faced in gaining traditional work experience, particularly for BAME, disabled and trans people. We will give weight to this and encourage people when applying to consider caring responsibilities, including parenthood, volunteering, and other non-paid experiences and responsibilities when making their application.