Head of Volunteer Management

Ideal time commitment: approximately 10-15 hours per month, increasing closer to September event; flexible
Responsible to: the Secretary

Bi Pride UK is a registered charity which aims to create public, high-profile spaces for the celebration of the bi community and anyone who experiences attraction beyond gender, addressing an existing lack of bi-specific celebration at many Prides across the country.


All Trustees hold legal responsibility for the effective governance of Bi Pride UK as a registered charity; this includes sound financial management of the charity’s assets and the careful determination of actions and activities in accordance with Bi Pride UK’s charitable objectives. Trustees meet at least monthly by conference call, and work as a whole to hold and determine the strategic direction of the charity. Each Trustee works as a unit to meet these responsibilities, and also works with their assigned team to turn strategic plans into delivery of Bi Pride UK’s charitable activities. Trustees may also be called upon to carry out other responsibilities as required by the charity (within their own capacity to do so).

Bi Pride UK’s Trustees form the Trustee Board (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and further Trustees responsible for individual teams). We are seeking a Trustee to join our Board, working with the Inclusion and Access team and the wider committee to make sure that Bi Pride UK works intersectionally across all of its objectives to create more visibility and awareness of people attracted to more than one gender in the UK.

We are appointing Trustees with specific experience to augment the current skills and expertise on the Board. This Trustee will have experience of working in a diversity and inclusion capacity, particularly focused on identifying barriers to participation experienced by different marginalised groups and seeking lived experience input to addressing these barriers. They will be working with our Head of Inclusion and Access and the wider Inclusion and Access team to assess both organisational and programmatic participation and engagement, and identify initiatives to increase the diversity of voices and experiences designing, delivering and benefitting from the work that Bi Pride UK delivers. This team also includes supporting the events team to ensure that all events Bi Pride UK delivers are as accessible as possible.

Trustees volunteer remotely from anywhere in the UK, with some travel required occasionally (primarily for our flagship Pride event in London in September and for teams away days which take place a few times a year in London). Our committee meetings take place via conference call on the third Monday evening of every month. All reasonable expenses incurred are reimbursed, including travel, lunch at away days and other all day events, and some childcare costs if required.


  • Developing and leading on Bi Pride UK’s volunteer management strategy;
  • Managing and supporting a team of volunteer management volunteers;
  • Ensuring that on-the-day volunteering for Bi Pride UK’s flagship event is sufficiently resourced;
  • Coordinating with other Bi Pride UK teams to identify volunteer recruitment needs and timelines;
  • Supporting the Trustee Board to recruit for and induct new Trustees as required;
  • Ensuring that Bi Pride UK has robust volunteer recruitment, induction and support processes.


  • Interest and passion for tackling discrimination against and improving the visibility of people in the UK attracted to more than one gender;
  • An understanding of the needs of people and communities in the UK attracted beyond gender;
  • Commitment to the aims and objectives of Bi Pride UK;
  • Strong experience of volunteer management in a charity or non-profit context;
  • Strong project management, organisational and administrative skills;
  • Strong experience of developing collaborative relationships with internal stakeholders;
  • Understanding of team motivation, especially with people are not receiving financial recompense;
  • Experience of holding volunteer and/or people management responsibilities;
  • Ability to self-motivate when working remotely;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.


The Head of Volunteer Management will need to declare any current conflicts of interest.



To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to chair@biprideuk.org
by 25/07/20.


The position is open to anyone over the age of 18. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially minority groups such as applicants of colour, trans and non-binary applicants and disabled applicants.

Bi Pride UK is aware of the barriers that can be faced in gaining traditional work experience, particularly for BAME, disabled and trans people. We will give weight to this and encourage people when applying to consider caring responsibilities, including parenthood, volunteering, and other non-paid experiences and responsibilities when making their application.