Here at Bi Pride UK HQ we believe in putting on a Pride that’s YOURS and involving YOU in YOUR big day. Therefore, we want to hear your perspective on having attraction beyond gender. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t matter who you are, it especially doesn’t matter who you’re attracted to, we want to project YOUR story on our ‘Main Stage’ and our ‘I Am Proud’ stage at Bi Pride UK 2019.

Our authentic ‘Voices of Bi Pride’ feature, simply requires you to send us two types of recordings:

  1. A one-minute recording of your experience of having attraction beyond gender – perhaps you want to tell us your coming out story? Or how it feels to not limit your attraction to one/ any gender? Or perhaps you want to interpret that in a completely different way. That’s fine. It’s your one minute of fame! The floor is yours.
  2. A four second recording whereby you state and complete this sentence “I am Proud because…” – this can be anything! Only you know why you’re proud and whatever it is, we sure as hell want to hear about it.

These recordings will be played between acts to keep the audience immersed in our beautiful bi culture. We also accept video recordings and welcome those of you who want to sign your recording.

We encourage representation from all over the country, therefore if you’re unable to attend the event on the day, don’t hesitate to send us your recordings. Please don’t shy away from sharing your true story (we’d love to hear it) and celebrating your uniqueness; in whatever form it comes in! All submissions are welcome and we hope for diversity, so would love to hear from people from a variety of backgrounds.

Bi Pride is a family event so please remain sensible and we don’t want to offend anyone, so nothing too controversial.  Please remember – “you are live on Bi Pride UK, please do not swear”. Record in a quiet space and using good equipment with decent sound quality. We know not everyone has access to their own sound booth, so obviously using mobile phones are absolutely fine. Just don’t be a rookie and forget to take the cover off.

Once you’ve completed your recording, please send to voices@biprideuk.org where we have a group of minions working behind the scenes, who are extremely excited to create a fabulous audio montage of all your beautiful voices! Submit by Thursday 22nd August 6pm to make sure your voice is heard. Due to the volume of voice recordings we receive, not all recordings will be added to the final cut and a decision will be made by said minions from Bi Pride UK HQ.

I hope you’ll all agree that these recordings will be a great addition to our/ YOUR event. There’s even whispers behind the scenes that the acts are wondering whether you’ll steal the show… so what are you waiting for?! We want to tell your story!

(By submitting an audio recording you agree that Bi Pride UK can use it for the purposes of our Voices of Bi Pride Campaign, and sign up to our terms and conditions [available here.])

Megan Evans