Why We Need Bi Pride in the UK

With so many Pride events, to some, it might seem frivolous to set up a new one. However, Bi Pride UK is necessary. Bi people regularly face erasure within the GRSD community. Even actions which are designed to be inclusive usually only say “gay, lesbian and bisexual” without actually looking at what bi people really face. For that reason, we wanted to create a space for all bi people.

It’s just one day, one parade and one chance a year for us to connect. Bi people are far less likely to come out than gay people. There are also higher rates of mental health conditions among bi people, such as depression and anxiety. There are specific and unique challenges that bi people face. Many bi people can’t feel safe in the wider GRSD community, with the stigma of being bi such as it is. Being called traitors or ‘half-gay’ isn’t uncommon for bi people.

“It’s just one day, one parade and one chance a year for us to connect”

Creating such a visible event for an often invisible community is of the utmost importance. Some people don’t see the point in Pride, but when so many people still don’t feel able to come out then it is absolutely necessary. No one should feel isolated for who they are.

From one event people have the chance to feel comforted or even validated. We want Bi Pride UK to be a place for people to meet and make friends, and feel inspired. It can be a day for the family, or a day demanding GRSD liberation but it absolutely will be for bi people. It will be one day where bi isn’t just a tag on the end of ‘gay and lesbian’.

Those who support Bi Pride UK but aren’t necessarily bi are also welcome. Carers, family members and anyone offering support to bi people are welcome. Pride events can be daunting times, and perhaps you’re questioning your identity and want to bring a friend. What’s important is the centering of celebrating attraction beyond gender. It will be a day truly of pride, and of respect.